Date Formating in Excel

Want to display todays date or display a date in a different format. Here I show you

Display date in a different format, like July 1, 2015 or 1/7/2015 or 2015 July 1 or Wednesday July 1, 2015.

This is done with the properties of the cell.

For Time formating go to Time Formating


date format

Go to More Number Formats if the choice is not the one you want.

more number formats

Here you already have a certain number of preselected formats to chose from.

If this is not enough, then use CUSTOM selection.

customer number format

Now you can use the following rule

rule for years display


The format is just a combination of these Ys, Ms and yyyy/mm/dd,ddd which will give you : 2015/07/01, Wednesday


27 July 2001 if you write dddd-d-mmm-y   it will be  Friday-27-Jul-01

To just have the Day: d

The day of the week: ddd or dddd

Just the Month: m or mm

Now you try....