drop down list in Excel

Q40. In Excel, how do I ensure that user can only enter a set of standard text in an input field (alternatively how can I set up a drop down list)?

For example, in collecting personal information for record keeping, how do I ensure that user can enter only one of the following 4 values against Marital Status - Single, Married, Separated and Divorced?

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Select the field for Marital Status input. Under "Data" tab, click Data Validation -> Data Validation.

excel drop down list

b) Select "List" for Allow field and enter "Single, Married, Separated, Divorced" in Source field so that input is restricted to one of these 4 values. Click OK.

A "down arrow" appears to the right side of the "Marital Status" field indicating that it has a drop down list.

excel excel drop down list

c) If user inputs a value that is not part of the drop down list, error message appears asking user to retry or cancel.

excel excel excel drop down list


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