HEALTH is important, here Excel Health related templates and supportive topics

Health is important, actually the most important thing in life. Without it, you can do nothing except trying to recover it. What has it to do with Excel you will ask? With Excel you can create tools to keep track of your health, it can create template to record you activity, your health parameters like blood pressure, weight, size like waist, hip size, etc..., it can remind you doing things that you might have forgotten like going for a run or a walk. Healt Templates can also  calculate averages, records you have reached.

So here are a few of these health templates. Please feel free to contact us if you need something more.

1) A Weight Tracking Chart template (in Kg or Lb.)

2) List of nutritional values for various food items.

3) BMI calculator. This tells you if you are overweight, underweight or normal.

4) BMR calculator. How many calories (kcal) can you eat per day.

5) How long are you going to live according to the latest statistics. Here a life expectancy chart.

6) With our Weightwatchers Point Calculator, calculate the number of points you are allowed.

7) Here an Exercise tracking sheet for Weekly and Daily tracking to do your workout plan.


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