link chart title and cell value in Excel

Q49. In Excel, how can I add and link a Chart Title to a cell value?

For example, for the Chart below, I would like to add a Title that is linked to Data Table Title ("Daily Sales - Wk 35") so that I do not have to edit the Chart Title every week.

excel link chart title and cell value

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Click on Chart. "Chart Tools" tab appears in ribbon. Under "Chart Tools", Click on Layout -> Chart Title -> Above Chart as shown below.

excel excel link chart title and cell value

b) After step above, a Text box "Chart Title" appears as shown below. Select the Text Box and in the formula bar enter "=" and then select the Data Table title cell (cell BT2 in this case). Click Enter.

excel excel excel link chart title and cell value

c) After step above, "Chart Title" is now linked to the Data Table title cell (cell BT2 in this case) and displays the same value as in cell.

excel excel excel excel link chart title and cell value


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