prevent deleting of sheets in Excel

Q132. In Excel, how can I prevent other users from adding or deleting Sheets in file?

For example, I have a complex WorkBook with hidden Sheets, formulas involving multiple Sheets. I want to prevent users from adding or removing Sheets or hiding or unhiding Sheets.

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Click on "Info" under "File". Click on "Protect WorkBook Structure" under "Protect WorkBook".

excel prevent deleting of sheets

b) In the "Protect Structure and Windows" dialog box, check "Structure" option and enter Password. Re-enter Password. Click OK.

The WorkBook structure is protected and cannot be changed without the Password.

Note: Select the Windows option if you want to prevent users from moving, resizing, or closing the WorkBook window, or hide/unhide windows.

excel excel prevent deleting of sheets


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