print title on all pages in Excel

Q126. I have a big Table spanning across pages when printed - how do I get Excel to print titles in all pages?

For example, I have a large Table that summarizes the Population and Annual Growth Rates of all countries of the world from 1969 to 2014 (section of the table is below). When printed I want the countries name to appear in every Sheet

on the left as also year at the top of every Sheet.

excel print title on all pages

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Click on "Print Titles" under "Page Layout".

excel excel print title on all pages

b) Specify the rows and columns to repeat on each printed page by updating the range against "Rows to repeat at top:" and "Columns to repeat at left:" fields in the "Page Setup" Dialog box that comes up.

excel excel excel print title on all pages

c) To update "Rows to repeat at top:" and "Columns to repeat at left:" fields, click on the Range selection icon to the right of the field and select the Row(s) / Column(s) to be repeated (sample row selection shown below). Click OK.

When Printed, the selected Row(s) / Column(s) would be repeated in each printed Sheet.

excel excel excel excel print title on all pages


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