protect only limited part of the sheet with password in Excel

Q73. I am planning to protect my sheet using a password. However, for select cells I would like users to be able to edit the cells. In Excel, how can I achieve that?

For example, in my financial calculator, I have a Table where users have to provide input in some of the fields - cells shaded in light blue in the screenshot below.

How can I set up the Worksheet such that these user input fields are editable even after I password protect my sheet?

excel protect only limited part of the sheet with password

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Select the Input cells that are supposed to be editable. Right click and select "Format Cells".

excel excel protect only limited part of the sheet with password

b) In the "Format Cells" dialog box that pops up, "uncheck" the "Locked" field in "Protection" tab. Click OK. The cells of interest are editable even after password protecting the Worksheet.

By default, all cells have the "Locked" field checked. When a cell "Locked" field is "unchecked", that cell is editable even if the Worksheet is password protected.

excel excel excel protect only limited part of the sheet with password


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