recover not saved files in Excel

Q9. Is there a way I can recover unsaved work?

For example, I created an Excel workbook with contents and accidentally closed it without saving - is there a way I can recover that work?

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

To recover an Excel workbook that was closed without saving,

a) Click on "Info" option under "File" tab. Click on "Manage Versions".

excel recover not saved files

b) When you click on "Recover Unsaved Workbooks", a list of all draft versions of workbooks is displayed. Choose the file that you are interested in and if lucky, you can recover something that you need.

The files are read-only in xlb file format. To save the file, new name needs to be provided. Draft versions are deleted after 4 days or when the file is edited.

excel excel recover not saved files

c) Excel tiles the selected image across the worksheet as shown in Screenshot below.


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