setup offset in time periods in Excel

Q86. Our financial Year is divided into 13 periods of 4 weeks each. I enter weekly YTD data. In Excel, how can I set up Worksheet to get Period data automatically?

For example, how can I set up Col F to autopopulate based on values in Col C?

excel setup offset in time periods

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Consider cell C1 as reference. Every 4th value from reference has to be picked up from the Weekly YTD Sales column. This is a classic case of picking every nth row value in a column.

Enter the formula =OFFSET($C$1,(ROW(F2)-1)*4,0) as shown below for Period 1. Drag the formula all the way down for the remaining periods.

The second argument provides 4 row increments. The "-1" is introduced to account for the "YTD Sales" Title row.

excel excel setup offset in time periods


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