showing total only hiding detail rows in Excel

Q116. In Excel, how can I show summary reports with Totals only hiding all the rows containing the details?

For example, I have a raw data table that has details of all trips undertaken by all drivers with a Totals row. I want to show only the Totals rows (Rows 3, 9 and 13) for each driver.

excel showing total only hiding detail rows

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Click on "Group" under "Data". Click on "Auto Outline".

excel excel showing total only hiding detail rows

b) A new section is added to the left of the screen. This section has "Outline" controls.

excel excel excel showing total only hiding detail rows

c) Clicking on "-" control, hides all details rows as shown below.

excel excel excel excel showing total only hiding detail rows


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