vba add trendline to chart in Excel

Q182. In Excel, how can I add Trendline to a chart using VBA?

For example, I have a Chart ("Chart1") for Sales data of the last 6 quarters - I would like to get a 2-Quarters moving average trendline added to the chart.

excel vba add trendline to chart

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

  1. Option Explicit
  2. Sub AddTrendLine()
  3. ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart1").Chart.SeriesCollection(1).Trendlines.Add
  4. ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart1").Chart.SeriesCollection(1).Trendlines(1).Select
  5. With Selection
  6. .Type = xlMovingAvg
  7. .Period = 2
  8. End With
  9. End Sub


a) Line 3 adds a Trendline to the Series Collection specified.

b) Line 6 specifies the Type of Trendline (could be xlExponential, xlLinear, xlLogarithmic,xlMovingAvg,xlPolynomial or xlPower)

c) Line 7 specifies the Peiod for moving average calculation.

Result after Macro execution:

excel excel vba add trendline to chart


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