confidence interval of population in Excel

Q85. I have test scores for my student population. In Excel, how can I determine confidence interval for my Population Mean?

As shown in Table below, I have test results for my entire class captured. I have calculated Population Mean and Standard Deviation. I want to determine confidence interval for the calculated

Population Mean with a 95% confidence level.

excel confidence interval of population

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Enter the formula =CONFIDENCE.NORM(1-E25,E24,B22) as shown below to get the confidence value

The first argument is a which is "1-Confidence Level". Second argument is Standard Deviation and third argument is population size.

The ".NORM" in formula indicates interval is calculated using a Normal distribution.

excel excel confidence interval of population

b) Subtract and add confidence value to mean to get the lower and upper limit of Confidence Interval as shown below.

excel excel excel confidence interval of population


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