Nutritional Charts templates for Excel

On this page you we will gather various nutrional charts that you can use and modify at your own will.

These are quite useful when starting a diet or a weight loss or gain program. Please check our weight tracking chart here.

Here a very complete chart done by the united state department of agriculture (USDA) that list more than 8600 food items in details (calories, lipid, protein, etc...).

food nutritional chart

In details here is what they list: Water_(g), Energ_Kcal, Protein_(g), Lipid_Tot_(g), Ash_(g), Carbohydrat_(g), Fiber_TD_(g), Sugar_Tot_(g), Calcium_(mg), Iron_(mg), Magnesium_(mg), Phosphorus_(mg), Potassium_(mg), Sodium_(mg), Zinc_(mg), Copper_mg), Manganese_(mg), Selenium_(µg), Vit_C_(mg), Thiamin_(mg), Riboflavin_(mg), Niacin_(mg), Panto_Acid_mg), Vit_B6_(mg), Folate_Tot_(µg), Folic_Acid_(µg), Food_Folate_(µg), Folate_DFE_(µg), Choline_Tot_ (mg), Vit_B12_(µg), Vit_A_IU, Vit_A_RAE, Retinol_(µg), Alpha_Carot_(µg), Beta_Carot_(µg), Beta_Crypt_(µg), Lycopene_(µg), Lut+Zea_ (µg), Vit_E_(mg), Vit_D_µg, Vit_D_IU, Vit_K_(µg), FA_Sat_(g), FA_Mono_(g), FA_Poly_(g), Cholestrl_(mg).


Another more simple chart with about 800 food items with fat, calories, carbs and proteins contents (source is CSUN, California States University)

calorie content

Here the first chart from a survivor web site (urban survival site). It lists high calorie foods that you must have in your garden in order to survive the apocalypse...

survivals nuts