create a form to enter data in Excel

Q120. I have data arranged in rows of information. Is there any way I can enter new data through a form instead of entering it directly in Spreadsheet?

For example, instead of entering new row of information, can I enter the same information through a form?

excel create a form to enter data

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) First the button for "Form Entry" has to be added to Quick Access Toolbar. To add the button to "Quick Access Toolbar", click on the down arrow button and then click on "More Commandsů".

excel excel create a form to enter data

b) In the "Choose commands from: " field of "Quick Access Toolbar" tab, select "Commands Not in the Ribbon". Select "Form" Command on the list box and then Click on Add. Click OK.

excel excel excel create a form to enter data

c) "Form" button is now added to "Quick Access Toolbar". Click on "Form" button.

excel excel excel excel create a form to enter data

d) A custom "Form" corresponding to data in WorkSheet pops up as shown below. Click on New.

excel excel excel excel excel create a form to enter data

e) A blank "Form" comes up for user entry. As and when form is filled, data is automatically entered as a row of information in the Table.

excel excel excel excel excel excel create a form to enter data


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