dependent drop down lists in Excel

Q66. In Excel, how can I create dependent drop down lists?

For example, I have an employee database as shown below. I have set up a drop down list based on our Cities of our operation. However I would like to improve it so that the cities drop down list is based on the Country selected.

excel dependent drop down lists

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Set up named lists for each country listing its cities as shown below.

excel excel dependent drop down lists

b) Select all the rows in "City" column in Table. Click on "Data Validation" under "Data". Click on "Data Validation" again.

excel excel excel dependent drop down lists

c) In the "Data Validation"dialog box that pops up, against source enter the formula =INDIRECT(SUBSTITUTE(N3," ","")) where N3 corresponds to the first cell in Country column. Click OK.

Range "Names" cannot have spaces. Hence when naming ranges for each country space is removed. SUBSTITUTE function is used to remove the " " characters in the Country names while looking for the named range.

excel excel excel excel dependent drop down lists

d) Based on the value in "Country" column, the cities column brings up an appropriate list.

excel excel excel excel excel dependent drop down lists


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