find data validation cell in worksheet in Excel

Q103. In Excel, how can I identify all cells with Data Validation in my WorkSheet?

Note: This would be very helpful if you have inherited a complex WorkSheet and want to understand how the WorkSheet has been set up.

For example, in the table below, I would like to quickly identify the cells that have Data Validation.

excel find data validation cell in worksheet

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Press F5 and in the "Go To" dialog that pops up, click on "Special" (Alternatively, click on "Find & Select" under "Home". Click on "Go To Special").

excel excel find data validation cell in worksheet

b) In the "Go To Special" dialog box, click on "Data validation", click OK.

excel excel excel find data validation cell in worksheet

c) All the cells with "Data validation" are selected / highlighted as shown below.

excel excel excel excel find data validation cell in worksheet


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