vba add legend to chart in Excel

Q180. In Excel, how can I add a legend to a chart using VBA?

For example, I already have a chart ("Chart1") of Sales data for Q1-2016 and Q2-2016. I want to add a Legend to the chart using VBA?

excel vba add legend to chart

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

  1. Option Explicit
  2. Sub AddChartLegend()
  3. ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart1").Chart.HasLegend = True
  4. ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart1").Chart.Legend.Position = xlBottom
  5. End Sub


a) Line 3 adds a Legend to chart.

b) Line 4 defines the position of chart (xlTop, xlBottom, xlLeft, xlRight, xlCorner)

c) Similarly, if Data Labels hves to be added, the command becomes, ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart1").Chart.SeriesCollection(1).HasDataLabels = True (This is for Series collection 1 - for Series collection 2, the argument changes to 2).

Result after Macro execution:

excel excel vba add legend to chart


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