vba avoid cell update during macro excecution in Excel

Q198. In Excel, how can I avoid updates to cell values during macro execution?

For example, I have a very complex macro that runs for few seconds. While the macro runs, the screen updates based on actions being performed by macro. Is there a way to avoid this updating during macro execution?

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

  1. Option Explicit
  2. Sub SubRoutineSample()
  3. Application.ScreenUpdating = False
  4. ' complex
  5. ' macro
  6. ' function
  7. ' goes here
  8. Application.ScreenUpdating = True
  9. End Sub


a) Line 3 - Turn OFF Screen Updates when macro is running. Avoiding of screen refresh using this command speeds up execution.

b) Lines 4-7 - Actual macro code with functionality goes here.

c) Line 8 - Turn ON Screen Updates after macro is executed.


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