enter multiple line in cell in Excel

Q51. In Excel, how can I enter multiple lines of data in a cell?

For example, I have a "Comments" column in my table where I provide detailed descriptive comments (see below). To make it easier to read, I would like to enter information in multiple lines.

Even if I wrap text, each of the comments do not appear in its own line.

excel enter multiple line in cell

excel excel enter multiple line in cell

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Position the cursor where a line break is required and then click on "Alt + Enter". In the screenshot below, the cursor is at end of comment 1 before start of comment 2.

Repeat the process as required.

excel excel excel enter multiple line in cell

b) Now each comment is in its own row within the same cell after line breaks are introduced using "At+Enter".

excel excel excel excel enter multiple line in cell


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