reduce huge numbers in charts in Excel

Q47. My Y-Axis numbers are huge (in millions) - can I change the way that these numbers are displayed in Y-Axis so that they do not take up chart space (and also avoid being a distraction)?

For example, in the chart below, since the numbers are huge the Y-Axis values that are displayed take up disproportionate screen space and are also a visual distraction.

excel reduce huge numbers in charts

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Select the Y-Axis on the chart. Right click and click on "Format Axis".

excel excel reduce huge numbers in charts

b) Under "Axis Options", against "Display units" field, select the appropriate units for data as needed (in the current example (Thousands) is the option selected).

excel excel excel reduce huge numbers in charts

c) The Y-Axis numbers are displayed in selected units (in the current example in Thousands).

excel excel excel excel reduce huge numbers in charts


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