update current age of customer in table in Excel

Q96. I have a large list of clients whose current Age I need to maintain in my database as it influences costs - how can I have Excel display the current age at all times?

In the Table below, I would like to see the current Age updated automatically in col AU.

excel update current age of customer in table

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Enter the formula =INT(YEARFRAC(AT3,TODAY(),1)) for first client as shown below. Drag the formula to rest of the client column.

TODAY() function used in formula always corresponds to the current date.

YEARFRAC function determines the years since Date of Birth (till date represented by Today()). Third argument "1" defines" normal year calculation (not 360 days).

Since Age corresponds to number of full years, INT function is used to wrap the YEARFRAC function.

excel excel update current age of customer in table


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